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Tech Section

In this section you will find several good tech articles which were written by FordSix forum members, the owner of Classic Inlines, or various other authors. These articles are a great source of information for both novice and experienced, engine builders and mechanics. We've also included quite a few magazine articles, which are full of valuable information. So pull up a chair, kick off your shoes and get comfortable. Plan to spend a few days, if not weeks, reading through all of the information. We are constantly updating or adding new tech articles, which are designated with a green "" bullet, in an effort to keep our customers well informed of the latest developments and information. The articles cover a wide range of subjects, including common problems, service issues, product recalls, performance tips, or just about anything that applies to your inline six. We've also have a section dedicated to Magazine articles, which are a grerat source of information, as well as a section on Small Six Specifications and Identification. Make sure you check out our Photo Gallery too.

Prior to ordering parts, or building your motor, we highly recommend reading thru as many articles as you can, or at least the recommended articles, which are designated with a red "" bullet. If your building a motor and plan to install an aftermarket performance cam, take time to read the tech articles on Dynamic Compression Ratios, and Cam Selection. Once you have a firm understanding on how DCR's affect your motor, you should be able to select the proper cam for your application. However if you still need assistance, we're always here to help.

Most Recent Articles
Flow Testing the Log Head Benefits of a Port Divider Selecting a Carburetor
Build a Mild Street Motor New Exhaust Systems Weber Carburetors
Compare Ignition Systems Exhaust Maintenance 2V Swap Dyno Results
Section Index
General Information Cast Iron Cylinder Head Carburetor & Fuel
Small Six Specs Aluminum Cylinder Head Fuel Injection
Engine Building Tips Camshaft & Lifters Exhaust Systems
Ignition System Valve Train Tech Turbo & Super Chargers

Tech Articles
. .General Information
History of the Inline Six This article briefly covers the history of Fords Inline Six.
Question & Answer Guide
Basic questions and answers on building an inline six.
Find out why other inline enthusiast "Keep It Inline"
Trouble Shooting Guide Service and Trouble Shooting guide.
Explains how to tune your engine using a vacuum gage
How to read Spark Plugs How to read spark plugs for proper engine tunning
How to decode and select the right tires and wheels.
Automotive Calculators Calculators for figuring compression ratios, etcetera.
Classic Car Insurance Tips for purchasing classic car insurance.
Travis Allen Smith In memory of my friend "Travis Allen Smith"
...Small Six Specs
History and a basic description of the small Ford six.
Torque specifications for the small Ford six.
Compression ratios for stock small ford sixes.
Timing, & Firing Order
Timing and firing order specifications.
Specs on valve train, pistons, and camshafts.
..Engine Building Tips
Build a Mild Street Motor How to build a performance motor, even on a budget.
How to know what size your engine is.
Hopping up the Falcon Six Tips for hopping up the small six.
Hopping up the Inline Six A common sense approach to hopping up a six.
Rebuild & Safety Tips Customer tips for engine rebuilding and safety.
Static vrs Dynamic C/R Explains the differences in Static and Dynamic C/R's.
Oil Pressure Tech Everything you need to know about oil pressure.
How to select the proper damper or harmonic balancer.
Benefits and tips on using ARP studs and/or bolts.
Explains the differences in piston rings, and selection.
MLS Head Gaskets Advantages of using MLS Head Gaskets.
..Log Cylinder Head
Upgrading to a 2V Carb How to install a 2V carb on your log intake manifold.
A Day on the Dyno Various dyno results and comparisons. Great info.
2V Dyno Comparison Comparing the various installation methods for 2V carbs.
Cylinder Head - Swaps Differences and tips on cylinder head swaps.
Cylinder Head - Rebuilding Here's a list of the services we provide and our prices.
Benefits of a Port Divider
Do you really need a port divider?
OZ250-2V Cylinder Head Information on the Australian 250-2V cylinder head
MLS Head Gaskets Advantages of using MLS Head Gaskets.
..Aluminum Cylinder Head
. Description
Basic overview of our new aluminum cylinder head.
Specifications for our new aluminum cylinder head.
Aluminum Head Flow CFM flow charts and cylinder head comparisons.
Porting Options Porting options and prices for our new aluminum head.
Photo Gallery Photos of the new aluminum head and alloy intakes.
Intake and Carb Clearance Short description of clearance issues with photographs.
Dyno Test & Results Dyno results from the aluminum head, including video.
More Dyno Test & Results Dyno testing at Pony Carbs, includes graphs and data.
MLS Head Gaskets Advantages of using MLS Head Gaskets.
..Cam Tech
Static vrs Dynamic C/R Explains the differences in Static and Dynamic C/R's.
Camshaft Installation Tips

Tips on proper cam installation and break-in procedures.

Selecting a Camshaft
Camshaft terminology and how to select a camshaft.
Selecting Lobe Centers Definition of lobe center and how it effects performance.
Degreeing Your Camshaft
How to degree a camshaft for maximum performance.
CI Camshaft Specs
Specifications on all Classic Inline camshaft profiles.
CI Cam Profile Cards
Didn't get a cam card or lost it, no problem, their online.
..Valve Train
. Description
Valve Spring Tech
Valve spring terminology, comparisons, and install tips.
Rocker Arm Options
Rocker arm comparisons and advantages of full roller.
Adjusting Your Valves
How to adjust valve lash on an inline six (hyd & solid).
..Carburetion & Fuel
. Description
Selecting a Carburetor
Guidelines for selecting the right carburetor for your six.
CFM Calculator (formula)
Learn how to calculate the best size carb for your motor.
Weber DGV Carburetors Learn why Weber carbs are well suited for inline sixes.
Weber Carb Adjustments
Learn how to adjust and tune your weber carb.
Autolite Carburetors Learn why Autolite carbs are considered the best carbs.
Autolite 4100 Service
Pages from the 4100-4V Autolite service manual.
Autolite 2100 Service
Pages from the 2100-2V Autolite service manual.
Carter Fuel Pump Mod
Modify a Carter Super Strip fuel pump to fit your six.
Holley Carb Adjustments This is a great site for learning all about Holley carbs.
..Fuel Injection
Throttle Body Q&A
Common questions on throttle body injection.
TBI Tech & Info
Explains throttle body injection in laymen terms.
Air ByPass Valves
How to install an air bypass valve and tech info.
Using Jenvey TB's
How to install and set-up Jenvey Throttle bodies (EFI).
..Ignition System
. Description
Ignition System Choices A comparison of the Petronics, DSII, and DUI.
Distributor Gear Wear
Discusses distributor gear failure and prevention.
DUI Distributor Swap
How to install and wire the DUI distributor and benefits.
DSII Distributor Swap
Benefits and basic information on the DSII dizzy swap.
Installing the DSII Dizzy
How to install and wire the DSII distributor and module.
Rebuilding the DSII Dizzy How to refurbish, re-curve, and install a DSII distributor.
Load-O-Matic Dizzy
How the distributor works, plus the Do's and Don't's
Better Mileage with DSII
Modifying the DSII distributor for improved gas mileage.
Spark Plug Readings
How to read plugs for tuning & improved performance.
Ignition & Timing Tech
Basic ignition system, up-dates, and improvements.
Spark Advance Strategies
Strategies and tips for re-curving the HEI/DUI distributor.
..Exhaust System
New Exhaust Systems New exhaust kits offered exclusively by Classic Inlines
Exhaust Maintenance How to care for your new exhaust system
Ceramic Coatings
Explains the benefits of ceramic coating
Headers with A/C
How to install headers with stock or aftermarket A/C
Benefits of a Port Divider
Do you really need a port divider?
..Turbo & Super Chargers
Turbo Chargers
Coming soon
Super Chargers
Coming soon

Before building your motor we highly recommend reading our tech articles if you have time. If not, at least take time to read the recommended articles that have a red "" bullet.

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